1. some Magento errors I encountered

    Fri 02 November 2012
    By balrok

    Often errors in magento are very cryptic - when also googling doesn't solve problem it can get time-consuming. That's why I post here my errors I encountered and where I haven't found anything on the net.

    extend() on a non-object in lib/Varien/Simplexml/Config.php

    Fatal error ...
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  2. Python Bot for a Flashgame

    Sun 26 August 2012
    By balrok

    Inspired by a Youtube-Video how to play flashgames using python I wanted to try it myself. This post is less about the code and more about the experiences I got.


    Since computers are designed to help us in every day tasks.. they should also help us in gaming tasks ...

  3. Convert .ncftp/bookmarks to .netrc

    When using the netrw plugin for vim it is recommended to use the .netrc file for managing all ftp logins. Because I used ncftp before this I wanted to easily convert all my stored ftp bookmarks (which are many) into the .netrw format. Here I post my script for this ...

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  4. Yii Soap with Authentication

    You use the WebService for Yii and want users to authenticate before they use other commands..


    You should have set up some basic authentication for your website already and just want to enhance it with a webservice. Authentication works similar to this.


    Our goal is to have a ...

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