1. Mimeopen a cool tool too :)

    This article might be a bit short, but I think it is worth mentioning that I discovered another cool application for linux which might revolutionize your console usage :) The cool tool is called mimeopen and can be found in the package dev-perl/File-MimeInfo or perl-file-mimeinfo (depending on your distribution).

    Why ...

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  2. Exiftool: a cool tool

    I want to show a very nice tool which can help you to improve your photocollection. It is called exiftool and can be found in any linux distribution. It can be used to view the exifdata which gets saved to images. Also it can batch-replace this exifdata and batch-rename the ...

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  3. Convert .ncftp/bookmarks to .netrc

    When using the netrw plugin for vim it is recommended to use the .netrc file for managing all ftp logins. Because I used ncftp before this I wanted to easily convert all my stored ftp bookmarks (which are many) into the .netrw format. Here I post my script for this ...

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