Small PHP vs Debian PHP package

This is an update to Compile small PHP + performance messures. Now PHP-5.5 is in the repository of dotdeb and I can update the Performance comparison of my last post.

Short introduction

When you don't want to read my last post: basically I tried to strip of all modules from PHP which are not required for my website (like sqlite for example). I was hoping to get make the PHP-process less memory consuming and to improve overall speed too.

Last performance comparison

There was a huge improvement in memory consumption (18mb vs 6.5mb). And also a notable improvement in speed: 138ms vs 110ms (both without opcache).

The problem with this was, that I compared 5.4 vs 5.5 and when the PHP-devs improved the memory usage or performance somewhat, I can't see if disabling the modules actually helped.

PHP/5.5.0beta4 (self compiled) vs

For testing I looked at 3 different pages and hit as long F5 until I got the shortest loading time. I subtracted the sql-time from the loading time.

Page My build dotdeb
simple page (1 query) 15ms / 2381kb 15ms / 2387ms
Guestbook listing (4 queries) 96ms / 7920kb 96ms / 7900kb
Complex page (11 queries) 110ms / 7166kb 110ms / 7156kb

As you see there is nearly no difference.. Indeed the dotdeb package seems to consume less memory on some circumstances. But it is negligible.


There are no improvements (performance/memory) in removing most of PHP's modules. On the other side, it was quite an effort to find the right combination of modules which are required.. So in the end it wasn't wort it.