Europa Universalis 3 with Linux

Sun 26 August 2012
By balrok

A great game, which works even greater if you use linux. Because I was always to stupid to follow the other howtos on how to make it run, I will post here my own howto.. Maybe it helps someone as amateurish as me\^\^

What versions do you have?

I'm using Divine Wind 5.1 on Gentoo-64bit with wine-1.4.

How is the quality?

For me the game starts way faster than with windows 7. Also now I can switch easily screens and surf the web while it is loading which is another plus. I've read the sound doesn't work so I never tried it.. Anyway the music is very repetitive so it was OK for me to switch it off. The game crashes as rarely as on Windows and the only ingame-bug I've noticed is that some building-icons are missing (black). But their tooltips still exist, so this is just a minor inconvenience.

Ok lets go!

The appdb entry of wine already has a tutorial how to install. If you aren't a total wine-noob (like me) you may try their guides first.. else continue here. 1. install winetricks

chmod +x winetricks
./winetricks d3dx9
./winetricks vcrun2008
  1. Run winecfg and set library overwrite d3dx9_35.dll = native and d3dx9_36.dll = native and finally
  2. Run regedit and set config values like in the screenshot (this was basically where I didn't understand):
  3. to run it cd into the game directory and run wine eu3game.exe (eu3.exe only works with .net and this only on 32bit systems)
  4. hopefully I didn't forget anything since it was some days ago where I installed it :)

Edit 27.01.13 (reordered the steps more logically, small grammatical corrections)