1. Automated Frontend Testing

    This article is about simulating browsers to test your webpages. Contrary to a unit-test you check your whole page with this. That is also why I think this is the most cost/time efficient method. But also you probably won't see so much cornercases and won't find so ...

  2. LAMP on a low memory Server

    Tue 13 November 2012
    By balrok

    This blog and some other pages run on 100mb RAM + 100mb SWAP. Because some people are interested in my configuration I will show you. First its not correctly to call it LAMP but better LNMP because I interchanged apache with nginx. Then I want to note that I'm no ...

  3. Communicating with aliens

    Sat 10 November 2012
    By balrok

    I don't know really why but one night before trying to sleep it came to my mind, how it could be possible to communicate with aliens. Since I don't really know anything about this stuff this could be mostly regarded as fiction. But since I spend some time ...

  4. PHP Coverage without PHPUnit - standalone

    Sat 10 November 2012
    By balrok

    I searched for a way to get php code coverage without the need of creating PHPUnit tests but with the same tool support (based on clover.xml). Since nobody seemed to bother about this I've started my own code which builds upon xdebug_start_code_coverage and can create a clover.xml ...

  5. some Magento errors I encountered

    Fri 02 November 2012
    By balrok

    Often errors in magento are very cryptic - when also googling doesn't solve problem it can get time-consuming. That's why I post here my errors I encountered and where I haven't found anything on the net.

    extend() on a non-object in lib/Varien/Simplexml/Config.php

    Fatal error ...
    Tagged as : Coding Magento PHP
  6. Python Extension Folder

    Wed 29 August 2012
    By balrok

    This is a Class which will allows you to create a folder and autoload all classes in it based on their name or regex. Maybe it can also be called Plugin System.


    Since I don't know how to describe it best without confusing anyone I think examples are ...

  7. Advanced Git Tricks

    Tue 28 August 2012
    By balrok

    A compilation of git commandos which are only needed once in a while.

    Rewrite Author in history

    Taken from here:

    git filter-branch -f --commit-filter  '
            if [ "$GIT_COMMITTER_NAME" = "XX" ];
                    git commit-tree "$@";
                    git commit-tree "$@";
            fi' HEAD

    Note: this changes ...

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